Let's Kill Hitler Prequel

As has been its way this year, the BBC has released a little prequel scene for the upcoming return of Doctor Who.  Its a cracking scene, that doesn't spoil anything, but does start to get me excited for the show coming back (not that it takes much). Best part is the Doctor's answering machine message... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Adventure Games 3: TARDIS

Recently I was made part of the staff on Doctor Who fansite, Outpost Skaro.  As a result, one of the things I'll be doing on the site is posting up reviews from time-to-time of various Doctor Who and sci-fi bits and pieces (so largely what I do here, but with probably less Green Lantern). So... Continue Reading →

Series 5 In Review

This year was always going to be a big deal for Doctor Who.  RTD had been show runner since it came back, and David Tennant was an amazingly successful Doctor.  So the prospect of a new series, with a new show runner, a new vision and a new Doctor was a daunting one.  Would audiences... Continue Reading →

The Big Bang

So, last we saw, Rory was an Auton, Amy had been shot (by Rory), The Doctor had been locked in the Pandorica by pretty much every alien ever and River was trapped in the TARDIS as it exploded, destroying pretty much everything.  The big question being, how the heck do they get out of this... Continue Reading →

Cold Blood

Returning monsters seem to be a bit of a theme in this series of Doctor Who, with the Daleks and Weeping Angels having already made appearances, and the Cybermen having been trailed for the series finale. However for this two-parter it was the return of a villain not seen since the 80s, in the form... Continue Reading →

Amy's Choice

With the mini-arc of Amy and Rory's relationship raised in the previous episodes, this episode brings it square into focus. The TARDIS crew are presented with two scenarios.  In the first, its five years later.  Rory and Amy have left the TARDIS and settled down to start a family when the Doctor drops back in... Continue Reading →

The Time of Angels

Oops.  I've managed to get quite behind here.  Must catchup before I get any further behind... Anyway, so a much anticipated double episode, with Steven Moffat bringing back two of his own popular creations, River Song and the Weeping Angels. Here's the Doctor and River's relationship has clearly progressed since Silence in the Library.  It... Continue Reading →

The Beast Below

After the stonking opening of the Eleventh Hour, could the new Doctor Who keep up that level of greatness? Well for me the answer was yes. With the new Doctor firmly established in The Eleventh Hour, focus with this episode switched slightly more towards Amy, allowing her to firmly earn her place in the TARDIS... Continue Reading →

The Eleventh Hour

Its been like 2005 all over again. I think its fair to say that fandom probably hasn't held its breath this long since they awaited the first airing of Rose.  A new production team, a new Doctor, a new companion, a new everything.  And all hanging under the weight of the success of Russell T... Continue Reading →

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