The Pie Man Television Awards 2009 – Part 4

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Graceful retirement award, For me, there's only one real contender for this award (especially since most series these days get axed rather than conclude properly). Battlestar Galactica I'd had a bit of a mixed history with Galactica.   Seasons 1 and 2 I absolutely adored, however once the New... Continue Reading →

The Pie Man Television Awards 2009 – Part 2

Check out Part 1. Best UK Network/Channel. I'm really torn on this one.  There's not many real contenders, although some of the smaller channels are quietly building themselves up a solid programming base, be it Sci-Fi UK with quite a few new shows lately that I'm enjoying (in fact a large percentage of my TV... Continue Reading →


Well, NBC has released their 2009/2010 schedule, and its grim reading. It was pretty well known that with the economic situation taking a heavy toll on advertising, and NBC's new deal with Jay Leno that the axe was going to be falling pretty heavily on other shows to free up money and space in the... Continue Reading →

Knight Rider Premiers on Sci-Fi

Great news for UK fans of Knight Rider.  The overnight ratings for the first showing of the pilot on Tuesday night hit half a million viewers, putting it as Sci-Fi's most successful show since it had the first run of Heroes in the UK. Its nice to see the show doing well, although of course,... Continue Reading →

Knight in Review

With season 1 of the show now finished, I thought it'd be interesting to do an overall review, mentioning what I thought did and didn't work. There's no denying it was a bit of an uneven season. Probably more than a little due to the conflict between Gary Scott Thompson's idea for the show versus... Continue Reading →

Fight Knight

We're now two episodes post the reboot of Knight Rider, and so far its been a good couple of episodes. The stronger of the two was undoubtedly Enter Light, Exit Knight, which started in classic Knight Rider style, with Mike and KITT heading home after a long mission, only to be sucked into a bank... Continue Reading →

Knight to King's Pawn

Last week featured a big episode in new Knight Rider, as KARR was reactivated in the wake of Graiman's death. First thing to get out of the way, is that really the rematch was a disappointment. KARR himself was pretty much spot on. The Mustang with the yellow scanner was chilling (and underused to be... Continue Reading →

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