Thoughts on the Green Lanterns Rebirth

Again, the time between blogging shows itself by looking back at where Green Lantern was versus where it is now. The announcement of the Rebirth Green Lantern titles struck me as a very odd move by DC. The main monthly book, Green Lantern, became Green Lanterns focusing on newbie Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Post Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns leaving the Green Lantern titles was a landmark moment.  So big, in fact, that DC decided to revamp the whole line up, replacing every other creative on the books as well.  I might argue that this was a tad overkill, but it was understandable. Its a change I was pretty excited about, having been... Continue Reading →

War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath

*sigh* I've gotten so bad at keeping up with my blogging.  Anyway, War of the Green Lanterns is over, and Tony Bedard has been firmly handed the keys to the car while Geoff's away plotting the reboot.  While Peter Tomasi's Emerald Warriors has shifted to one-and-done issues featuring Guy, Green Lantern Corps picks up the... Continue Reading →

War of the Green Lanterns – May

Ok, still playing catch up here, but thankfully the last part of War of the Green Lanterns has been pushed back to July giving me a chance. However, despite this, I can't help but have a problem with the entire GL main line of books skipping a month, especially when we're only one issue from... Continue Reading →

Emerald Warriors #9

After two issues I would describe as incredibly enjoyable, but not really packing many surprises, Peter Tomasi gets some very nice stuff to play with. While Kyle and John are still struggling with their rings, Hal and Guy quickly take charge to cover their escape to the lower-levels of Oa. To an extent it could... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern August Solicits

The August solicits for DC are now out, and the Green Lantern ones bring a few surprises. Most importantly, is the appearance of Kyle Rayner on the cover of Green Lantern Corps.  His absence in the previous months solicits had not gone unnoticed, leading to the popular theory that Kyle was the Green Lantern that... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #65/Green Lantern Corps #59

Fresh from the events in Emerald Warriors, Green Lantern finds the now powerless Hal and Guy wandering the frozen wastes of their emergency planet. As Hal restates their need to keep their rings off to avoid Parallax's influence (presumably for anyone who didn't read Emerald Warriors, in which case those people must be really, really... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Corps #58

Picking up directly from the events of last issue, Kyle is feeling introspective about his abilities as a Green Lantern following the Weaponer joining the Sinestro Corps. However any of those concerns pale into insignificance once the group of Honour Lanterns return from Qward to the Positive-Matter Universe and quickly discover the results of Krona... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #64

This is it.  The Green Lantern titles have been building up to this for months, and War of the Green Lanterns is finally upon us. Following directly on from last issue's events, the book of the black is quickly revealed as a trap when Lyssa Drak (now calling herself the story vampire) appears, having sided... Continue Reading →

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