Wifi Woes

I'm a glutton for punishment I think. I've blogged about this before, but I've been having another crack at getting the wifi to work on my laptop under Ubuntu again.   I really can't figure it out. With ndiswrapper, I get my broadcom card's drivers installed.  Near as I can tell, this definitely works.  The... Continue Reading →


Fun with Wifi

So, I decided to take the plunge, and partition off a small (couple of Gb) Linux system on my laptop, to see if it would be usable enough to replace Windows on it. So, I put on Ubuntu 8.04, and in fairness to it (you can tell this is going to end well ;-)), most... Continue Reading →

Kernel Update

That was typical.   No sooner had I finished that last post, and my Ubuntu updates dialog popped up again.   I let it grab the latest Gnome updates, and then it went about configuring everything.  Including the kernel updates that hadn't been properly configured last time. Turns out the issue was that when they'd first installed,... Continue Reading →

MySQL Weirdness

So, as I'd mentioned previously, following my system rebuild, my LAMP server wasn't quite playing ball. I finally had time to look into it the other week, and it came down to the MySQL administration. Previously, I'd been using the MySQL-admin GUI to setup my local databases and users, but for some reason, when setting... Continue Reading →

IT Disaster – Update

Ok, its half 1 in the morning, and I'm knackered. I've now got my Windows system pretty much usable again. I had to spend all afternoon going through my iTunes library, removing dud duplicates it created when reimporting my (sadly several months old and missing stuff) backup though. And I'm still bitter about it nuking... Continue Reading →

Reinstall Fun

Ok, so reinstalling my whole PC hasn't been an awful lot of fun. And thanks to iTunes for kicking me while I'm down, by deleting the music that was on my iPod that it could've just synced back into the library. That's my freshly-bought Iron Man soundtrack up the spout. Think I'll just buy the... Continue Reading →

IT Disaster

Well, I had a fairly major IT disaster last night. I'd decided that I wanted to move away from booting multiple Linux distros. There's a reasonable maintanance overhead, and with me only wanting to install them to see what they're like, it really makes more sense to use virtualisation, especially since that's something else I've... Continue Reading →

New Login Screen

I was listening to The Linux Action Show today, and they were talking about this new development work that's being done on Ubuntu's login screen. I must admit, if the screenshot is a good example of the look they're going for, then I really like it. I'm a sucker for eye candy, but also I... Continue Reading →

The Great Ubuntu-Girlfriend Experiment

The Great Ubuntu-Girlfriend Experiment « Content Consumer Here's an interesting experiment someone's done. He set up a clean install of the latest Ubuntu, and gave his girlfriend a series of tasks, to try and see just how newbie friendly Ubuntu is these days. It doesn't do too badly, although some things do trip her up... Continue Reading →

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