Iron Man NOW!

We're now a good way into the Marvel NOW run of Iron Man.   Its a run I was very much looking forward to, and so far has been ticking a lot of boxes for me, with one major exception. Coming off the end of Matt Fraction's run, I was more than ready for a... Continue Reading →

The New Scarlet Spider

So, a follow up to my Spider Island post.  I must admit, this has really surprised me, but this year will see not only the return of the Scarlet Spider, but he's getting his own monthly.  And even more than that, he's a clone of Peter Parker once again.  Wow. Now, the Scarlet Spider ID... Continue Reading →

Spider Island

Its safe to say that over the last few years, we've been bombarded by various events from the big two comic book publishers.  And even within this year there's been plenty to talk about, with Fear Itself, Flashpoint and the new 52. However, for me, without a doubt Spider Island has been the event of... Continue Reading →

Captain America Trailer

It maybe seems odd, since I've long been a big Green Lantern fan, but the superhero movie that currently has me most excited this year is actually Marvel's upcoming Captain America. I think amongst other things, its the fact that they've made it a World War 2 film.  This helps it stand out amongst all... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

So, I've managed to tear myself away from Star Trek Online (briefly) to pick up some PS3 gaming.  And my latest purchase is the new Spider-Man game, Shattered Dimensions. I do love a good Spider-Man game.  For my money, the best one money could buy was the Spider-Man game on the PS1, however subsequent games... Continue Reading →

Marvel Digital

Back in December 2007 I blogged about a new service Marvel were launching, in the form of an online comics archive.  You paid an annual fee for access, and in return you got a nice backlog of comics, with new issues being added regularly. Admittedly, its coming up for 3 years later, but I blame... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

I'm quite excited about this upcoming Spider-Man game.  I've got fond memories of the Spider-Man games on the PS1 which excellently captured the character, and were filled with loads of fun unlockables.  I played those games a lot.  Then on the PS2 I bought the first two movie games, with the second having that great... Continue Reading →

Iron Man #27 Preview

IGN once again comes up with the goods, this week in the form of a preview of this week's Iron Man #27. I've been meaning to blog about the current Iron Man storyline since #25, however a couple of things immediately jump out at me. Firstly, its nice to see the issue of Pepper being... Continue Reading →

New Iron Man 2 Trailer

Another great-looking Iron Man trailer.  Interesting to see another suit of armour revealed (I guess Tony decides he needs an emergency more portable suit) and we see a little more of Black Widow (but not much).  Most interestingly we see Whiplash's involvement in the main plot and Hammer recruiting him. Line of the trailer is... Continue Reading →

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