Green Lantern Review

So, after all the trailers, I finally got the chance to see the hotly-anticipated Green Lantern movie last weekend.  But in the face of a critical mauling, what did I actually think of it?   Beware, as I'm not going to be shy about spoilers in the following discussion. Well, in a nutshell, I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Another trailer has been released for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Again, I'm incredibly impressed by how good this film looks.  In a summer promising Thor, Transformers, Green Lantern and Pirates of the Carribean, this is slipping under the radar, and I have to agree with those sites who are already wondering if... Continue Reading →

New Green Lantern Trailer

With June approaching, hopefully this trailer will signify the advertising campaign for Green Lantern stepping up a gear.  It certainly seems that as an effects-heavy film, its hurt the marketing a little as they rush to finish off the CGI in enough scenes to build trailers around. As with the Wondercon footage, this is a... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Wonder-con Footage

While the original teaser trailer released for the Green Lantern movie, left me pretty cold and not much looking forward to it, the new Wonder-con footage that's been released has turned everything around (and judging by the online forums, I'm not alone).   It looks amazingly epic, and while I'm still no 3D fan, with those... Continue Reading →

Captain America Trailer

It maybe seems odd, since I've long been a big Green Lantern fan, but the superhero movie that currently has me most excited this year is actually Marvel's upcoming Captain America. I think amongst other things, its the fact that they've made it a World War 2 film.  This helps it stand out amongst all... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Trailer

And so, the first proper trailer for the new Green Lantern film is out 🙂 I think I'd best describe my reaction as "cautiously hopeful".  In honest, I think a lot of the CGI isn't entirely working for me, but then, like all trailers, this will be based on unfinished effects, so I'd expect them... Continue Reading →

First Look at the Movie GL

And so we have our first look at Ryan Reynolds in the much-publicised CGI Green Lantern costume. I have to admit, my gut reaction is that I'm not sure.  Admittedly, this is only a static, partial shot on a magazine cover, so of course this could all change when we get our first proper footage,... Continue Reading →

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