Thoughts on the Green Lanterns Rebirth

Again, the time between blogging shows itself by looking back at where Green Lantern was versus where it is now. The announcement of the Rebirth Green Lantern titles struck me as a very odd move by DC. The main monthly book, Green Lantern, became Green Lanterns focusing on newbie Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz.... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #50

Has it really been 25 issues since The Sinestro Corps War finished and Blackest Night was teased? ¬†Time flies when you're having fun ūüôā After John's misadventures on Xanshi last issue, its straight back into the main action of Blackest Night here, with Hal and the rest of the New Guardians (as the group of... Continue Reading →

Blackest Night #5

Since the two are closely linked, I'll start by covering Green Lantern #48 which finishes filling in the story of how the Corps leaders get together, as Atrocitus and Larfleeze are saved from the Black Lanterns on Okaraa by the timely arrival of Hal, Sinestro, Carol, Indigo-1 and Saint Walker (with Ganthet and Sayd along... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #46

Slightly late with the comics run this week, but nice to have both Green Lantern and Blackest Night: Titans to pick up. Green Lantern this month follows on directly from the events of Blackest Night #3. ¬†The War of Light gets temporarily shunted to the side as we deal with what happens to Hal after... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Corps #40

Continuing on from the events of last month, the Blackest Night has erupted across Oa, with the Lanterns in the Crypts being raised as Black Lanterns, and Black Lantern Jade having arrived to target Kyle. This was a brilliant issue. ¬†Possibly my favourite Blackest Night issue so far. ¬† Unlike a lot of the other... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #45

Green Lantern #45 is a heckuva busy issue. ¬†With last month's Green Lantern #44 Geoff Johns was busy kick-starting Blackest Night by focusing on the Hal/Barry fight with the Black Lantern J'onn. ¬† With Blackest Night now in full swing, he turns his attention back to the war of light, revisiting the various plot threads... Continue Reading →

New Blackest Night Previews

The previews for this week's Green Lantern #45 and Blackest Night: Titans #1 have hit the web at IGN as usual. The Green Lantern preview in particular contains some very interesting stuff. ¬†The reveal of Xanshi (following on from the cliffhanger in GL #44) is huge. ¬† Is the whole world a Black Lantern equivalent... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Corps #38

This issue brings to a close Emerald Eclipse, and leads us straight into the events of Blackest Night (again, I'm left wonder when exactly Final Crisis happened in the current GL timeline). As seen in the preview, the issue is largely interested in the fallout from the riot on Oa.¬† This probably leads to the... Continue Reading →

Blackest Night in September

IGN has put up the solicits for September's Blackest Night titles. Interestingly the cover shown for Blackest Night #3 is the Firestorm-focused variant cover. ¬†So it'll be interesting to see what's on the Ivan Reis main cover, but I'm guessing its considered spoilery (the main villain?). Its also interesting that the Superman tie-in doesn't mention... Continue Reading →

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