Green Lantern Corps #37 Preview

IGN have once again come up with the goods in the shape of the preview to the new issue of Green Lantern Corps. It looks cracking, again focusing on the events of last issue and Sodam Yat kick-starting Daxam's sun.   There's an interesting parallel being made to Sodam Yat supposedly sacrificing himself, and Hal's... Continue Reading →

New Blackest Night Solicits

IGN have released solicits for the August round of Blackest Night titles, including the first issues of the various tie-in miniseries. It all looks excellent.  Green Lantern #45 will be dealing with the war of light, with Sinestro getting around to dealing with the Zamarons (who have been converting members of his Sinestro Corps to... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Corps #36

While overshadowed slightly by this week's cracking issue of Captain Britain, its none the less another cracking part of Emerald Eclipse in Green Lantern Corps this month. Picking up with last month's revelation, we get the backstory to Sinestro and Soranik's relationship, as Sinestro reveals how Soranik's mother had been forced to hide her away... Continue Reading →

Blackest Night Solicits – July

IGN have put up the solicits for the first month (July) of Blackest Night, and its looking very, very good. A very interesting aspect to these solicits its the two issues of GL in July. Hopefully this is a sign of Doug Mahnke having had a headstart on the art duties, and we know from... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Corps #35

Yup, its yet another cracking issue of Green Lantern Corps by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. Are people getting bored reading me constantly gushing over this title? Picking up on events from last issue, Red Lantern Vice is tearing through the Sciencells, much to the delight of the Sinestro Corps as Green Lantern Voz gets... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Corps #34

Continuing on from the preview, we pick up on the conversation between Sodam Yat and his mother. Arisia's obviously pretty appalled by Sodam's reaction, but that seems to change once she hears about the mind-wiping, and what they did to Sodam's alien friend. Of course, the minute his mother mentions Mongul and the Sinestro Corps,... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Corps #34 Preview

DC Comics have put up a preview for tomorrow's Green Lantern Corps #34 here (pdf format). Throughout the Sinestro Corps War, I was saying that I really wasn't getting the love for Sodam Yat.  It felt he was being pushed on us, and into the role of Ion too quickly (and I still think he... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern #38

This month brings the conclusion of the "Rage of the Red Lanterns" arc. Well, I say conclusion, but really this feels more like the end of part 1 of "The War of Light". I do now get the feeling that rather than being a specific event in the GL titles, the War of Light will... Continue Reading →

DC May Solicits

The May solicits are up at Newsarama, and there's some interesting things in store that month. First up, it looks like there's no issue of GL.  Well that sucks, especially with them building up the Blackest Night at the moment.  I daresay the issue will be more than worth the wait, but I hope its... Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Corps #33

DC is really kicking off the Blackest Night hype this month, with both the Origins and Omens mini-event thing, and full-page ads for the upcoming Agent Orange story in GL, and Emerald Eclipse in GLC. And with this issue, we have the first issue of Emerald Eclipse. Peter Tomasi continues to well balance the cast... Continue Reading →

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