Let’s Talk about Discovery

So, the newest entry into the Star Trek canon is here and, at time of writing, we're now three episodes into Star Trek Discovery. The short version here, is "I like it".    So far the setup has been more than intriguing and to my mind has successfully blended the Star Trek Universe with a... Continue Reading →

Still Boldly Going

Its interesting to see that my last Star Trek Online post covered the controversy over the tier 6 ships.  Of course that's a fading memory now, with tier 6 the norm, and many of the key tier 5 ships subsequently replaced by new and improved tier 5 versions.  The panic over the intel ships did... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Axanar

Its a good time to be a fan of classic Trek, with the likes of Phase 2 and Continues bringing us new episodes at an ever-increasing level of quality.   From a fan perspective I think its incredible that we're at a point where we can get that level of quality from fan productions and... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Continues

I'm a sucker for a good fan film.  The Star Trek fan films have been really taking off over the last few years, increasing in quality by a large factor as projects like Star Trek Phase 2 (previously New Voyages) push for as professional and authentic feel as possible. The latest spin on the original... Continue Reading →

Season 4: Crossfire

Better late than never, I thought I'd better maintain the tradition, and talk about the big season update that came out for Star Trek Online a month or so back: Crossfire.  Unlike a lot of other MMOs, this doesn't include new mission content, since Star Trek Online has its Featured Episodes to cover that.  Instead... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Online – STFs

One aspect of the game which I finally completed the other week, and is also due for a revamp in the near future, are the three Borg STFs (Special Task Forces).  These form a large portion of the endgame content for players who make it to Rear and Vice Admiral, presenting a harder challenge than... Continue Reading →

Cutting the Cord

With the Iconian involvement behind the Tal Shiar now revealed, Starfleet decides its time to deal with Hakeev before things get out of hand.  You're sent to the Tal Shiar base in the Brea system, and its not long before you're running around the Tal Shiar-controlled city, with Obisek and his Reman forces seeing their... Continue Reading →


So, going by the logic I mentioned previously, about balancing short and long missions, you might expect Coliseum to be a bit longer.  But you'd be wrong. Coliseum is a lot longer.  Its potentially the longest of the featured episodes to date, and enjoys an attention to detail that means its going to stick in... Continue Reading →


Having decrypted the records retrieved from the Tal Shiar base in the previous mission, you discover an attack is imminent on a Reman base hidden in the Dera System. So you must not only locate the base but then attempt to communicate with their leaders. I've talked during previous featured episodes about how there seemed... Continue Reading →

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