Been a while since I blogged about any techie stuff, but with Google+ now making big waves in the social media scene, I thought I'd put up a quick post about it. I've been a big twitter user for a while now, and like most people these days, I've used Facebook for years.  So when... Continue Reading →


I've now had my trusty HTC Desire for around 6 months. In that time I've also upgraded it from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2. With Android phones becoming a major player in the market, and Android tablets starting to appear as alternatives to the iPad, I thought it might be interesting to put down a... Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook

Being a version number junkie, the minute I see a new Ubuntu upgrade released, I'm always keen to upgrade. Especially interesting with this release was the netbook edition with its new, much-vaunted Unity interface.   Regular readers will know that a few months back I finally decided to nuke the default Xandros install on my... Continue Reading →

Remixing My Netbook

Long time readers will know that a couple of years ago I became the proud owner of a EeePC.  It was the original netbook on the market, a EeePC 701, 7inch screen, 4Gb SSD and all. And therein lay the problem.  The default Xandros installation provided a good frontend, but to be honest, the update... Continue Reading →

Playstation 3

At Christmas I finally joined the next gen gaming crowd, by getting a Playstation 3. Over the last few years my gaming has been largely PC-based, although I did get a Nintendo Wii when they were released, so this console's been interesting to play around with properly.   The advantage of coming to the console... Continue Reading →

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

With the release of the new version of Ubuntu last Thursday, as usual I was quick to upgrade.  I'm always an early adopter of these things, probably helped by the fact that its free 😉 As is normal, a new release of Ubuntu always captures a lot of attention, and with this release, it was... Continue Reading →

iPhone 3GS

Well, everyone else is talking about it, so I thought I'd copy and paste (seems appropriate 😉 ) a forum post I made elsewhere and tweak it a bit. In short, confirmed new features include, 3.2Megapixel camera, cut/copy/paste, compass, some "find my phone" Mobile Me thingy, MMS, video recording and a bunch of other stuff... Continue Reading →


When I first got my Blackberry, one of the first orders of business was to get a Twitter client installed. The obvious choice was Twitterberry. It had a nice GUI interface, and was easy to download and use. However, since then a couple of new clients have arrived on the market. SocialScope is currently in... Continue Reading →

Jaunty Upgrade

Well, I took the plunge over the weekend and upgraded my laptop to the new Ubuntu 9.04. Fortunately all seems to have gone smoothly. All the main stuff was working happily on reboot, even my wifi. I'm not sure what's actually been changed in this release, so I'll need to go through it more thoroughly... Continue Reading →

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