Let’s Talk about Discovery

So, the newest entry into the Star Trek canon is here and, at time of writing, we're now three episodes into Star Trek Discovery. The short version here, is "I like it".    So far the setup has been more than intriguing and to my mind has successfully blended the Star Trek Universe with a... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Axanar

Its a good time to be a fan of classic Trek, with the likes of Phase 2 and Continues bringing us new episodes at an ever-increasing level of quality.   From a fan perspective I think its incredible that we're at a point where we can get that level of quality from fan productions and... Continue Reading →

The Time of the Doctor

2013 was a bit of a roller coaster year as a Who fan. From the initial downs of feeling like production had slowed down in what should've been a massive year, and feeling a bit let down by several episodes of series 7b, things perked up massively (and rightly so) in November, with Night of... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Continues

I'm a sucker for a good fan film.  The Star Trek fan films have been really taking off over the last few years, increasing in quality by a large factor as projects like Star Trek Phase 2 (previously New Voyages) push for as professional and authentic feel as possible. The latest spin on the original... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Carol

This year's Doctor Who Christmas Special carried with it all the excitement that the rest of series 5 enjoyed. With audiences now having seen Steven Moffat's vision of the show, and Matt Smith's Doctor, the question became, just what would a Christmas Special made by this new team be like? And it was, unsurprisingly, rather... Continue Reading →

Series 6 Trailer

Looks great to me.  A few random thoughts: Stetsons are cool. Nice repeat of the fez gag 🙂 No clips of Mark Sheppard, awwww 😦 Matt Smith with a beard? A first for the Doctor? But most interesting for me: The return of the mysterious not-TARDIS from last year. VERY pleased to see that plot... Continue Reading →

Nikita and Chuck Season 4

Just another quick update with some reviews I've done for Outpost Skaro.   I've been fortunate enough to get some of the first episodes for LivingTV's new show Nikita, and season 4 of Chuck, so I've got reviews for the first episodes of both up now for your reading pleasure 🙂 Nikita Episode 1 Chuck... Continue Reading →

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