The Flash #1

Alongside Brightest Day, this week also saw the release of the much-awaited Flash #1 from Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul. Its safe to say, that much like many of DC relaunches over the last few years, this hasn't been a smooth one.  Flash Rebirth came under heavy criticism for its slow plot, wide-sweeping retcons to... Continue Reading →

Brightest Day #0

With Blackest Night over, DC's next spinoff series, Brightest Day begins this week with issue 0. Intended very much as a teaser, this issue covers all the returned heroes and villains, setting up their plots for the coming year, starting with Deadman, who is now returned to life, and possesses a white ring, which appears... Continue Reading →

Flash #1 Preview

Despite not being out until April, DC are obviously wanting to capitalise on the recent release of Rebirth #6, and have posted a preview of the first issue of the ongoing monthly up on the DCU blog. Despite feeling a little unsure about the Flash in the DCU at the moment, with both Rebirth and... Continue Reading →

Flash Rebirth #6

So the end of the story is finally here.  Granted, we new through Blackest Night that Barry cheered up, Wally, Bart and co were still around, and Thawne was locked up in Iron Heights, so really it was just seeing how they got there. Scarily I first talked about the solicit for this issue back... Continue Reading →

Blackest Night: The Flash

I must admit, I think the initial run of three mini-series that tied into Blackest Night had an advantage over these later entries.  With the first 4 issues concerned only with Black Lanterns attacking and building up to Nekron's return, they were freer to tell a story within themselves, unshackled by any other events in... Continue Reading →

Blackest Night #6

Following on from John's misadventures on Xanshi, its straight back to Earth where Nekron's true threat had been revealed, and black rings had claimed a variety of resurrected heroes and were targetting in on Barry and Hal. I must admit, I really loved the way Johns dealt with the cliffhanger here. I've gone on about... Continue Reading →

Whatever Happened to The Flash?

Its been an interesting week for fans of The Flash, with the announcement that not only will there no longer be a Wally West co-feature in the main Flash title when it relaunches next year, but also the Kid Flash book that was supposed to accompany it has also been scrubbed. Its quite disappointing news... Continue Reading →

Blackest Night: The Flash #1

With Rebirth struck down by delays, there's been a lot of attention shifted to Blackest Night: Flash over the last few months, and now that its here, its interesting to see how ambitious Johns is being here by interlinking Blackest Night, Rebirth and presumably the Flash ongoing series. Its especially brave, and you have to... Continue Reading →

Blackest Night #5

Since the two are closely linked, I'll start by covering Green Lantern #48 which finishes filling in the story of how the Corps leaders get together, as Atrocitus and Larfleeze are saved from the Black Lanterns on Okaraa by the timely arrival of Hal, Sinestro, Carol, Indigo-1 and Saint Walker (with Ganthet and Sayd along... Continue Reading →

Flash: Rebirth #5

After some quite lengthy delays, Flash: Rebirth issue 5 finally came out this week. I'll say it now, I think this is the best issue of Rebirth so far.  The pace finally felt right to me, and it built on the Zoom stuff from issue 4 well, and resolved some of the lingering subplots. Most... Continue Reading →

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