Doctor Who Anime

Found this on my travels.  The scantily-clad assistant is a bit much, but the rest of it is pretty cool.  The Cybermen I especially thought were ace.

Knight of the Reboot

Well, this week's episode formally started the new "reboot" of the Knight Rider series into something closer to the original 80's series.   Although not obvious from this episode itself, this is part 1 of a 3-part story which will shake up the status quo. The first change is the new opening which I've linked... Continue Reading →

How bout a little Turbo Boost?

With Season 1 of Knight Rider due to start in about a month, there's a load of new trailers appearing online.   Here we get a tease about turbo boost: But, while we don't get to see a lot, there's a sense of fun in thisclip that hits the mark for me 🙂

Fan Made Opening Titles

Saddo that I am, I enjoy spending time on Youtube looking for nifty fan-made openings to Doctor Who.   I thought I'd share  few of the ones that caught my eye. I really love this Tom Baker-style opening for the 10th Doctor: And here's quite a cool 80s-style Eccleston opening:

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