Arnie in new Terminator Trailer

The much-hyped CGI Arnie has now turned up in the latest trailer for Terminator: Salvation.   

I must admit, when I heard this news my reaction was a mixture of “that’s so cool” and worry that sometimes films use CGI that isn’t quite up to their ambitions.   From the brief shots in this trailer though, it looks really good, and from a mythos point of view its really exciting to see the T-800 again as he appeared in the first movie, and presumably restored to his full threat value, as subsequent movies have always pitched the T-800 as the underdog.

I’m seeing the film tonight, so I’ll be very excited to see this on the big screen and see how it holds up.

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  1. I saw it two days ago. It did indeed look like Arnie. =]

    And the T-800 looked amazing.

    Marcus turns out to be a more interesting character than John himself. xD

    I will reveal no more. =]


  2. Seeing it tonight, and I really can’t wait. Those scenes of Arnie in the trailer have kicked the fanboy in me into high gear 😀

    I find it interesting that Marcus was the part originally offered to Christian Bale. It does suggest where the meat of the story lies, although Bale knocked it back in favour of playing Connor due to the mythos (which I believe resulted in rewrites to give Connor a larger role).


  3. I think you’ll like it, but the plot could have been… a little richer, I think.
    And there were some plot holes, irritations, and the odd point of there being tables in buildings built by the machines for the machines post Judgement day. (Skynet needs tables? O_O)

    The movie has a few issues.

    But Marcus and the amazing CG made it enjoyable.


  4. Saw the film tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was never going to measure up to the first two, but its better than Terminator 3 and a lot of fun.

    I do see what you mean about the story. Marcus as a character was great, but there were definitely elements they could’ve played with more, such as the development of the T-800. CGI Arnie just rocked though. Brilliantly done, and a great wee treat towards the end of the film.

    The surprise highlight of the film is probably Anton Yelchin as Kyle. He does a really good job, and its such a contrast from his role of Chekov.

    Having now seen the film though, I think I definitely would’ve prefered the original ending they had planned. Much darker and more twisted than what we eventually got.


  5. In the original ending, John Connor dies, but because he’s so important to the resistance, to cover it up, they graft his skin onto Marcus’ endoskeletion.

    That would’ve been a killer ending 🙂


  6. Hell yes. =D

    Terminator John Conner, it’d be worth it to see the looks on their faces when his various teams see bullets bounce off him. xD

    “Shit! Conner’s a Machine!”
    “Oooh, so that’s why he told us not to attack Skynet over the radio.”
    “I heard it was to save human prisoners.”
    “That’s just a rumour, he never actually said why.”


  7. It would’ve certainly made things interesting for future sequels, with only a close few knowing the truth and desperately trying to cover up the fact that the Resistance is being led by an ex-Terminator 😀


  8. Talking of Terminator novels, you could do a lot worse than track down the T2: Infiltrator trilogy.

    They came out just before T3 and are excellent.


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