Green Lantern Trailer

And so, the first proper trailer for the new Green Lantern film is out 🙂 I think I'd best describe my reaction as "cautiously hopeful".  In honest, I think a lot of the CGI isn't entirely working for me, but then, like all trailers, this will be based on unfinished effects, so I'd expect them... Continue Reading →

The Guild Season 4

Yay, the first episode of the Guild season 4 was released last night on Bing Videos. I've been a fan since the first season, so I definitely recommend checking it out.  Its one of the big success stories when it comes to web series, and if you're interested then you can check out all of... Continue Reading →


I was on Twitter the other day when Stephen Fry tweeted about the ChartJackers.   Its a single put together entirely through the goodwill and contributions of the online community with all proceeds going to Children in Need.  There's more info through BBC Switch who've followed their efforts. Worth 79p surely?

Doctor Who – Don't Slow Down

Partly because I want to check the twitter updates, and partly because I'm on another late-night Youtube binge, here's a fun Doctor Who music video I found focusing on the Doctor and Donna.  Worth a look 🙂

Arnie in new Terminator Trailer

The much-hyped CGI Arnie has now turned up in the latest trailer for Terminator: Salvation.    I must admit, when I heard this news my reaction was a mixture of "that's so cool" and worry that sometimes films use CGI that isn't quite up to their ambitions.   From the brief shots in this trailer... Continue Reading →

The Touch: Sam's Theme

Stan Bush has released this new version of The Touch, dubbed Sam's theme.  After his song Til All Are One didn't make it onto the soundtrack for the Transformers movie 2 years ago, he's opted to redo The Touch in a style more fitting with the first film's soundtrack. Obviously the original is still the... Continue Reading →

K9 Trailer

The first trailer for the new K9 spin-off is now available on Youtube. I know I'm not the target audience for this, but I usually can enjoy kids shows.  This looks a bit shakey though.  Saying that, the effects aren't finished, so its safe to assume they'll be a bit better in the final version.... Continue Reading →

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