Blackest Night: Titans #3 & Green Lantern #47

Green Lantern #47Alongside Blackest Night #4, it was a big week last week for Blackest Night with the final part of the Titans mini-series as well as the latest parts of the War of Light as Hal and co contend with the Black Lanterns on Korugar.

The highlight of Green Lantern #47 was undoubtedly the War of Light coming back into focus again.  Unlike last issue, which stayed focused on what was happening with Hal, this issue covers the broader story of the war of light, which was a welcome return, with most of the main lanterns getting a look in.

The issue belongs to Atrocitus though, as the fact the red ring replaces the wearer’s blood turns out to be hugely significant when facing down the Black Lanterns.  Its another example of the great way Geoff Johns throws in things earlier in his run that pay off in a big way down the line.

Talking of which, we also get further teases of Sinestro’s past, with a mention of Abin Sur’s sister dying in his arms.  I can’t help but think that Johns is planting little bits and pieces building up to Secret Origin 2 which will focus on Sinestro’s downfall (in much the same way as Emerald Dawn II did, although I imagine this series will make Sinestro a bit more of a sympathetic figure).

It was also nice to see Odym revisited.  I had been wondering what was happening to Saint Walker, Ganthet and all.  However a better payoff is Larfleeze’s appearance.  Its fleeting, his rescuer from the Black Lanterns is unexpected.  The fact that Atrocitus has gone to Okaraa is pretty unexpected, since we know its the green light that is key to the Black Lanterns’ defeat.  However Atrocitus has the ability of prophecy, so I guess whatever he’s up to, its because he has a plan.

And of course, we have the Black Lantern Inversions.   Given their importance to kicking off this whole event with the original Alan Moore story, I had been quite surprised to see them despatched so early on in events, so their appearance in this book was very welcome.

Blackest Night: Titans #3Blackest night Titans, much like the Batman and Superman minis, sees our heroes manage to escape the Black Lanterns. But only for now.

There’s some particularly grim stuff here, as Donna is forced to face down the Black Lantern versions of her husband and child, and takes them down with her own bare hands.   While its nice to see that the DC characters are now wise enough to largely see through the manipulation of the Black Lanterns, it still made for a grim scene and I thought was well handled by both writer and artist.  It is interesting however that the issue of Donna’s infection by the Black Lanterns is left hanging.  Something the Wonder Woman mini will pick up?

As with the other two issues in this miniseries, its the Dove scenes that seem to contribute most to the main event, and that I’ve found most interesting.  Here we see her as the ultimate solution to the Black Lanterns plaguing the Titans, as she unleashes her power, resulting in all the Black Lanterns being disconnected.  Is this a hint that her power is tied to the white light?  We also see the original Dove appearing to her, and hint about things to come.  With the scene at Don Hall’s grave making it into issue 2 of the main mini-series, I really hope this is stuff that is going to be very significant and play out in the later issues of the mini-series.

I have to admit, for a mini that was originally hovering on my “skip” list, I’m really glad I picked this up.  Its been an excellent read, and I’m definitely going to be interested to pick up any Hawk and Dove stuff that spins out from this.

Overall, I have to say I’ve been very, very happy with these first three tie-in mini-series.  They’ve worked well to compliment the main Blackest Night series and have all featured great art and writing.  I really hope the next three series are as good, and from what we know about JSA and Flash at least, I can’t see any reason why they won’t.

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